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relic statue top

⚜️white fabric made in germany with silver ions ⚜️prints made by hand, antique statues collage ⚜️with snake divine pendants in rose gold ⚜️exposed seams in white silver ions in the fabric help reduce bacteria and smells this is a unique single-item, every print is made by hand by me :) please check measurements below chest flat 38cm length 49cm all handmade by me in my home in Kassel, Germany cold handwash only, no tumbledry, flatdry only. contact me if you want to order custom in your size :) I want snake divine to be available for every body shape or size. 100% various fibers /polyester/ with silver ions (why various fibers? I source most of my fabrics second hand, private people or small shops that mostly don't have any fabric declarations, and as I am not sure about the exact percentage of parts of each fabric I have to declare the fabric as 100% various fibers)

Care information

❤ clothing care: cold hand wash and flat dry only, no tumble dry.
iron on lowest temperature
if pendants attached, please detach before cleaning :)

❤ jewelry care: wipe with a damp cloth, don't go to sleep with your jewelry, some pieces may have pointy forms, keep away from water and cosmetics