about me and my brand

hello I’m Rebecca, I live in Kassel, Germany

I study free arts, make music and started with cgi in 2020. Since 2009 I am also a tattoo artist.
I began to sell clothing on my snake divine instagram in 2019.


In september 2022 I finished my art uni exam with distinction. An exclusive collection is visible to all customers.

my clothing and jewelry is handmade by me only, from my home in Kassel. 

Mostly all of my items are unique single-items and available only once but I also make very small batches from 2 to 10 pieces.

I love to design prints and printing on my own, the outcome is different everytime. I source my fabrics from small and local sellers, remnant fabrics and second hand, I take a lot of time to search for good material. I try my best to make a change towards the consumption of fashion and I see a future without wasteful super-fast-fashion as we are facing nowadays.

I am inspired by the beginning of time, vast landscapes and fictive stories about life on foreign planets.





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my music
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more questions? feel free to contact me anytime!

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