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reincarnated heart choker

⚜️repurposed vintage jewelry ⚜️glass heart as a central pendant ⚜️some vintage pendants and pearls from the 50s ⚜️mixture of faux pearls, stone and acrylic and glass beads ⚜️theme with pink and beige pearls, iridescent beads, flowers, butterflies single-item circumference is 41cm or adjustable on attached chain 47cm to maintain the jewelry please don’t get it in contact with water or cosmetics. in case you have metal allergies: the pieces are vintage that means some of the metals are unknown. feel free to ask me any question :) all handmade by me in Kassel, Germany

Care information

❤ clothing care: cold hand wash and flat dry only, no tumble dry.
iron on lowest temperature
if pendants attached, please detach before cleaning :)

❤ jewelry care: wipe with a damp cloth, don't go to sleep with your jewelry, some pieces may have pointy forms, keep away from water and cosmetics